The Rolling Stones pay tribute to Charlie Watts, Instant Karma to Hoverboard guy, Elvira, Plus a Dumbass of the Day from the show.

On Monday night, the Rolling Stones played their first gig since Charlie Watts’ death last month.  And Mick Jagger kicked it off with a tribute to Charlie.


Dumbass of the Day #1

A man in Germany stole stuff from a kindergarten classroom back in April, including a laptop, some fish sticks, pasta, and a smart speaker for playing kids’ stories. He was caught when he tried to download new content for the speaker.


In her new memoir, ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK reveals that she’s been romantically involved with a woman for the past 19 years.  She also claims she was sexually assaulted by WILT CHAMBERLAIN. Elvira also confirms the old rumor that she had sex with TOM JONES when she was a Vegas showgirl . . . and ended up in the ER with an injury because he was so well-endowed.


Listen to a guy riding a hoverboard tell his wife she can’t use it because she’ll get hurt . . . and then immediately fall on his backside.

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