Covid a real pain in the Butt with newest symptom, Dumbass #1 and f people in lederhosen dancing and drinking tons of beer to NWA

If I said covid is a real pain in the butt, you probably wouldn’t think I meant it literally.The newest symptom connected to covid is called “restless ANAL syndrome.”  A 77-year-old man in Japan was diagnosed with it after recovering from the virus.  It’s like restless leg syndrome, but specifically in your anus.


Dumbass #1

It’s October, and even criminals are getting into the holiday spirit. A driver in Texas was pulled over for driving in a carpool lane on Wednesday, without a LIVING passenger.  He had a full-size skeleton in the passenger seat, and it was even wearing a hat.

The police posted a photo . . . and joked, “Our deputies saw right through the ruse and issued the driver a BONE-AFIDE citation.  After a STERNUM lecture, deputies wished him BONE VOYAGE!”



The “There I Ruined It” guy did an Oktoberfest version of “Straight Outta Compton”.  It’s a polka, and mixes N.W.A’s original video with shots of people in lederhosen dancing and drinking tons of beer.


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