The perfect Halloween costume? Top 6 Human mysteries scientists need to solve, David Lee Roth predict his ending date 30 years ago? Check out the video

Find your perfect Halloween costume… Maybe

It’s Chris’s Top 6 List

Scientists figured out why women always feel colder than men.  If you’re keeping track, that’s one human mystery down, billions left to go.  For instance, anything on today’s list of the . . .

Top 6 Other Human Mysteries Scientists Need to Solve.

  1. Why do we chest-bump the complete stranger next to us at the bar when the complete stranger on TV scores a touchdown?
  2. Why would we never let someone watch us bathe, but we think it’s okay to do that with birds?
  3. Why do we let Wendy’s get away with calling a milkshake a “Frosty”?
  4. Why do we put “No poop” signs in our yards when we know dogs can’t read?
  5. Why are we only fascinated with our hand when we’re high?
  6. Why do we have that one hair on our pinky toe?

Dumbass of the Day:

A guy in Pittsburgh was caught pleasuring himself in his car, and told the cop he was just, quote, “takin’ care of business.”


This is a great example of how editing and music can change a movie or TV show.  A guy cut a new trailer for “Ted Lasso”, which is a comedy . . . and made it look like a horror movie.  In this version the character named Nate is a psychotic villain.

Don’t get drunk this weekend and be this guy…..

We told you recently that David Lee Roth is going to retire after a handful of New Year’s shows in Las Vegas.  Did you know that he referred to his retirement in one of his old videos, thirty years ago?  Near the end of his video for “A Lil’ Ain’t Enough“, the marquee at the Anaheim Stadium reads “Diamond Dave, The Absolute Final Tour, SOLD OUT”.  The Date: October 10th, 2021.  That’s Sunday . . . his 67th birthday.


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