More Dumbass’s from Missouri and Pig On the Loose

Dumbass #1

You can really work up an appetite running from the cops . . . and that’s why this guy was so brilliant. A man in Missouri tried to flee from a cop on foot last weekend, while carrying a Marie Callender’s chocolate cream pie. He was caught . . . and the pie is being held for him until his release

Dumbass #2

Seattle police arrested a 67-year-old man, accused of stealing $10,000 worth of LEGO “Star Wars” sets.  They arrested him at HIS downtown store where he was selling the stolen sets.  Another retailer reported the guy being a repeat shoplifter.  They visited his store and could see from RFID tags, that the “Star Wars” and “Mandalorian” sets were from their store.


PIG WATCH::::::  Pig on the loose for week’s in Webb City…. More Details to come stay tuned……


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