Is Ghost Love Cheating? A Candian Slow Speed Chase and More

Sexy Hipster Ghost Hookup

We had a listener message us that believes that there is a spirit in her very old house.  And she’s becoming Romantic with it!  And she seems into it, but also torn.  She asked us if it was cheating?  And should she tell her boyfriend?

hipster ghost by gimetzco on DeviantArt


Amphibious Police Chase

Our First Daily Dumbass went to a Canadian man who ran from the police, but progressively used slower modes of Transportation.  First he fled on a motorcycle, then on foot, and then tried to swim to freedom.  The police continued to give chase via peddle boat, canoe and paddleboard.  His eventual arrest looked like this.

Officers in pedal boat, canoe go after robbery suspect who fled into  Dartmouth lake | SaltWire

PIG WATCH:::::: No updates on the pig on the loose in Webb City.  We’ve reached out to the pigs media team, but have no comment at this time.  We are hopeful to hear from local law enforcement about the situation.


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