Daily Podcast 1-10-22 Show Number 76, Bob Saget tribute, lego know has a Anus, morning BJ, Daily Dumbass, NFL crazy ending, Steelers vs Chiefs, Smile Empty Soul

Episode #76 starts with the first laugh Melissa Villasenor, Smile Empty Soul Concert, Veggie Fried Chicken KFC, Morning BJ, Tribute to Bob Saget, Crazy NFL Week 18 finish, Steelers VS Chiefs, Dumbass #1 Get In The Trunk Kid, Top 6 Stupidest Tic Tok Challenges, Lego Anus, Bobby Christmas lights still are up, Not Headline News, Feel Guilty about taking a day off, Dumbass #2 You Must be this Tall, What We learned and one more laugh

Very Sad News about Bob Saget his last post and selfie

Lego Now has it’s first anus!


A Man Forgets To Turn Off His Barbecue Propane Tank, and It Doesn’t End Well

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