Podcast of Episode 82 No Superbad 2, Mick Jaggar, Daily Dumbass, Top 6, Confessions with Rev Robert, Dukes Of Hazard Dumbass

Episode #82 First Laugh, Mick Jagger exclusive, No Superbad 2, Morning BJ, Javelina Update, Face Masks Make Us Sexier, Dumbass #1 Real Life Dukes Of Hazzard, Top 6 Least Popular Disney Movies, Confessions with Rev. Robert, Hot a hot mic Here – she said what?, Creepy Ed Sheeran, Call out or Call In?, Dumbass #2 It’s Chef Chris, What We Learned and one more laugh.

Sleepy Chicken (PLEASE DON’T DO THIS)


That’s Pretty Cool

Dukes of Hazzard Dumbass

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