Full show from the First day of March, John Mulaney was the first and last laugh, Would you rather be smart and sad or dumb and Happy?, Also what should Chris spend money on?, Daily Dumbass’s, Top 6 List, Morning BJ Plus Rev Robert stops by for Confessions

Episode #112 The show starts with the First Laugh featuring John Mulaney, Good News Stories, Morning BJ, Things to look forward to in March, Would you rather be smart and sad or Dumb and happy?, Dumbass 1 I am Tough, Top 6 List – Your doing Mardi Gras Correctly, Confessions with Rev Robert includes Dildo Snack Cakes, What does Chris spend money on you decide, Bettlejuice 2, Sniffing Song, Dumbass 2 Don’t Drink and hit a cop, What we learned and one more laugh also with John Mulaney

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