Todays show started with Marlon Wayans then got to Pete Davidson riding Space Penis, Along with Morning BJ, Top 6 List – Signs some is nuts, Daily Dumbass about someone living in attic, Who many McNuggets you can eat and Second Breakfast

Episode #115 We start with our First Laugh featuring Marlon Wayons, Live by a bar Drink at the bar, Morning BJ, Another new Meal 2nd Breakfast, do you have weird photos on your phone?, Dumbass 1 Whole new level of peeping Tom, Top 6 List – Signs someone is nuts, Home many nuggets ca you eat in 30 minutes, Quite places at concerts, Pete In Space, Not Headline News, Bi Polar Terminators, Dumbass 2 Stealing radioactive stuff, What we learned and one more laugh

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