Nerd News Today Mummified body found looks like a Mermaid, Stonehenge is used for this and Dinosaur news

The mummified body of a mermaid that was supposedly caught off the coast of Japan 300 years ago is being studied to find out what it really is. They’re going to put it through an MRI machine to figure it out.



We might finally know what Stonehenge was used for. A new study found it’s an ancient calendar. There are currently 17 stones left standing in the outer circle, but there used to be 30 . . . one for each day of the month. Their version of a month back then was three weeks long though, with 10 days per week.


And in dinosaur news: Experts now think there may have been more than one species of Tyrannosaurus. Right now, they’re all lumped together and called Tyrannosaurus rex, which is Greek for “tyrant lizard king.”
But some of the fossils we’ve found might actually be from T-rex cousins. They’re calling the other two “Tyrannosaurus imperator”, which means “tyrant lizard emperor” . . . and “Tyrannosaurus regina”, meaning “tyrant lizard queen.”

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