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Chris Purple Hayes has been rocking the 4-states for 25 years. Yep Chris Hayes came to Joplin and helped launch Big Dog 97.9. Bobby has done nights and weekends on the Big Dog for 5 years.

The two know that waking up early in the morning sucks ass. They want to make it brighter and hopefully a little easier to start your day.

Their mission is to play killer Music and have a lot of Fun doing it. We like to call it MFM. Music, Fun, Mornings!

Come for features like the Daily Dumbass, Games like Wheel of Whatever and some great conversations about the world, your lives and ours. It’s like having two friends in the car, home or work with you.

Listen Weekdays Monday-Friday 5:30am-10am


Dumbass of the Day and the Top 6 List

Dumbass of the Day #1 Imagine the look on the cashier’s face the FOURTH time this idiot walked through the door . . . 32-year-old Ronald Hill Jr. got arrested last week after robbing the SAME 7-Eleven four different times this summer. The first robbery happened on July 15th. Then he came back and robbed …

Chris Purple Hayes and Bobby Show – Card

Don’t Shoot This Bear it’s doing Charity Work.

Why is this guy walking Oklahoma highways in a 78 pound bear suit? We stopped him to ask   Vote Now for what toys should make it into the Toy Hall Of Fame   Pooping on Pizza Rolls in Oklahoma City Disturbing discovery in an Oklahoma grocery store freezer left one woman disgusted and …

Chris Purple Hayes and Bobby Show – Card

Get ready to run for the border more, Shots Shots Shots Fireball KEGS & Triplets

Working on getting audio up and running. Hang Tight!   I’m not sure if this is a brilliant idea, a challenge, or a health advisory:  Taco Bell is testing out a subscription service, which will give you a free taco EVERY DAY.  It’s called the Taco Lover’s Pass, and here’s how it works: You download …

Chris Purple Hayes and Bobby Show – Card
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