Megan Love

Megan Love

CATCH MEGAN 10:37AM-3PM WEEKDAYS TOP 5 ALBUMS: 1: Anything Led Zeppelin 2: Anything Rolling Stones- ESPECIALLY “Sticky Fingers” 3: Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of the Moon” 4: Motley Crue’s “Red, White, and Crue” CD set 5:Anything Foo Fighters TOP 5 MOVIES: 1: “Lonesome Dove” 2 “Scarface” 3 “Casino” 4 “Goodfellas” 5 “Almost Famous” FIRST ALBUM YOU EVER OWNED: Madonna’s “True Blue” – it’s was given to me by my cousin when I was 4, and it was my first solid introduction to music. FIRST RATED “R” MOVIE: “10″- my parents let me watch it with them. I was only 6. They were progressive. TOP 5 CONCERTS: 1: Aerosmith and Kiss in ’04 (Steven Tyler pulled me on the stage with him and I even got Gene Simmons’ “mouth blood” on my jeans!!) 2: Skynyrd at an outdoor concert in ’04- it started pouring down rain during “Tuesday’s Gone”- it added something to it. 3: Motley Crue- it would have been my #1, but Vince was injured, so it took away some of the cool factor. 4: Poison/Cinderella- I love 80′s hairmetal. 5: Posion/Ratt- and again… BEER OR WHISKEY? Whiskey~!! IF I WASN’T A DJ I WOULD BE A: Horse trainer or a burlesque dancer or a bartender…or possibly all three!

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  • Monday - Friday - 10am-3pm
  • Saturday - 5pm-10pm
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