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Violets Are Blue - Big Dog Interview

Chris Purple Hayes and Bobby Show's Private Listening Party with Godsmack

Moonage Daydream - Movie Review

The guys give details on Joplin Police Officer Reed’s funeral precession, NFL announcer shuffle, Daily Dumbass from Fork thief to Turtle Thief, Morning BJ, Top 6 List, March Madness and wrong Air BNB

Lori stops by to talk about the kick off of year 15 of Third Thursday downtown Joplin and St. Patrick's Day, Netflix new charge, Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, Daily Dumbass's, Top 6 List, Morning BJ and Leprechauns

The guys give details about the fallen Joplin Police officers funeral plans, Elon Musk wants to fight Putin, Joplin Memorial run details, Top 6 List, Daily Dumbass, Morning BJ

On Episode 121 from todays show the guys talk March Madness, Tom Brady is back, Kayne and Pete battle, You get your Daily Dumbass, Morning BJ, Top 6 List and it's Monday so Nerd News

The guys talked about ways to help the family's of the Joplin Police involved in the shooting, We also talked about with the bad weather the perfect car to get around, Your daily dumbass's, Top 6 list, Morning BJ, What in the world is Dopplebanging?

Todays show took on a reflective and heavy heart today. With the Police shooting that has taking the life of one Joplin Police officer and leaves another in Critical condition and another in serious condition. Thoughts and prayers for those family's and The Men and Women of the Blue!

Get your laugh on with Dusty Slay, Nerd News that includes what could be a real Mermaid, Morning BJ, Top 6 List, Daily Dumbass's, Batman made how much and is how long?, Spring Break Road Snacks, MLB players working at Papa Johns

Nerd News Today Mummified body found looks like a Mermaid, Stonehenge is used for this and Dinosaur news

Todays show started with Marlon Wayans then got to Pete Davidson riding Space Penis, Along with Morning BJ, Top 6 List - Signs some is nuts, Daily Dumbass about someone living in attic, Who many McNuggets you can eat and Second Breakfast

The show starts with the first laugh followed up by What Celebs with slam door in your face, Morning BJ, Top 6 List of Terrible Dog Names, Daily Dumbass including a girl that digs up ex Boyfriend

Goat Cop and the New TV Show Coming about it, Jeff Foxworthy, Get your Morning BJ, Daily Dumbass's, Top 6 List about Restrooms, Russian State Media

Full show from the First day of March, John Mulaney was the first and last laugh, Would you rather be smart and sad or dumb and Happy?, Also what should Chris spend money on?, Daily Dumbass's, Top 6 List, Morning BJ Plus Rev Robert stops by for Confessions

Full Show Podcast Monday Feb 28th, Sabastian Manescalco starts things off with first laugh, Morning BJ, Top 6 list, Daily Dumbass's, Ukranian War Anthem, Batteries don't charge there, Simon Cowell a sex judge

Full Show from Friday 2-25-22 Get your first and last laughs, Daily Dumbass's, Top 6 List, Morning BJ plus Chris names a new time to eat Lenner, Smell Dog Poo get $6500 bucks

Check out the Bikini Barista

Episode 109 Full Show 2-24-22 Starts with the First Laugh, Get your daily dumbass's, Putin, Top 6 List and Morning BJ

Full Show from Tuesday 2-22-22 First Laugh with Jim Gaffigan, Get your Morning BJ with Jewels, Skynyrd Air BNB, The Chilly Willy Song, Daily Dumbass's and Top 6 List

Full show from Monday 2-21-22 Nerd News, Olympic Sacrifice a frozen member, Daily Dumbass's and Top 6 list about Abe Lincoln in honor of Presidents Day

Pro Football Pick Em 2022 Grand Prize Winner

Big Game Sweepstakes 2022 Winner

Its the 100th Show, we start with first laugh, Daily Dumbass's, Top 6 List, Olympics we should support it more, Game Olympic Star or Porn Star

Full Show Thursday 2-10-22 Episode 99 Olympics, Tik Tok, Shaqs Feet, Bob Saget, Valentine a fake holiday

Full show podcast Wednesday 2-9-22 Daily Dumbass included Dale Earnhardt ghost told me to do it and Grenade in Butt, Super Bowl Prop Bets, Peloton fires people and then tortures them, Top 6 List own why football is better than sex

Full show Episode where the guys discover the 3 second workout, Best food to hide rings, Daily Dumbass includes Sonic Hedge Hog Bank Thief, Razzies plus things you don't do naked

Episode 96 Monday Full Show Podcast Your Daily Dumbass, Top 6 List, Morning BJ, Nerd News, Talk of the Grossest words, Olympics

Episode #92, Hormel has a Keg of Chili Cheese you could win. Check out the video, Plus Daily Dumbass, Top 6 list, Year of the Tiger

Full Show from Monday 1-31-22 Brown ICE stains 249, Bubble Wrap Rap, Daily Dumbass, Top 6 list, WKRP, Super Bowl

Full Episode 90 Morning BJ, Pizza, Wayne's World Pacer, Dumbass, Jason Momoa, NFL Playoffs

Full Episode from 1-27-22 First Laugh, Morning BJ, Chris has this in common with Toddler, Chiefs generosity, Top 6, Daily Dumbass's

Episode 88 Daniel Tosh, Little Caesar Batman Calzony, The Rock Video Game Movie, Dumbass Needle Fishing, Top 6 List, Smile Empty Soul Concert

Full show podcast First Laugh, Lottery winner, Dream Big Little Ones, Top 6, Axe Body made Spray nipples fall off

Full Show 1-24-22 First Laugh, NFL, Chiefs, Dumbass, Morning BJ, CDC Monkeys on the lose, Top 6, First Class Mooner

Full Show Episode 85 Lord of the Rings, Tommy Lee talks to Penis, Morning BJ, Daily Dumbass, Top 6 List, Swiss Miss

Full show podcast #84 including Weird Al Biopic, Getting down with the Swiss Miss, Good News Stories, Morning BJ, Dumbass's, Top 6 List, Honeymoon Fest and What we learned

Episode 83 The Rock's T-Rex, Duck Face, Morning BJ, Daily Dumbass, Top 6 Ways to avoid wasting time

Podcast of Episode 82 No Superbad 2, Mick Jaggar, Daily Dumbass, Top 6, Confessions with Rev Robert, Dukes Of Hazard Dumbass

Full Podcast #79 plus faceplant video, Pot Brownies, Hot Sauce in the lady Parts from drake, Daily Dumbass, Top 6 List, Bathroom eating

Full Podcast #78 from today, Super Bowl matchups, Larry the Cable Guy, Arby's Spicy Sandwich, Glitter Attack, Death Pool 2022

Episode 77, Lego Butthole, Morning BJ, Super Bowl Betting Odds, Daily Dumbass's

Daily Podcast 1-10-22 Show Number 76, Bob Saget tribute, lego know has a Anus, morning BJ, Daily Dumbass, NFL crazy ending, Steelers vs Chiefs, Smile Empty Soul

Your Full Show Podcast 1-4-21

Your Daily Full Show Podcast

Check out the full daily Podcast from the show if you missed it here

Chris sings Holly Jolly Christmas, Daily Dumbass, Sex Christmas Trees, Dad Farts

Daily Dumbass, Bagpipe Rubber Gloves, Morning BJ, Confessions with Rev Robert, Lamar, Viagra Pop's a Mental Bonner

Penis Rocket drives itself, Daily Dumbass, morning BJ, Christmas Tree, Bobby's gym mishap

Topless Nutcracker, World Record Burp, Christmas Tree could win you cash, Alexa Super Mode, PSA for your Pitts

Daily Dumbass's, Pete Davidson's JuJu, Chris new weight Loss Idea and what we learned on the show along with the full Podcast of the show

Daily Podcast , Confession Tuesday with Rev Robert, Daily Dumbass's

Dumbass include Ear Bitter & Trash Can Pooper, Carole Baskin says this happened to her husband

Egg Roll Causes bad driving? Freedom but not that much freedom in our Daily Dumbass's. The Buttfumble over turned and Snoop Dogg shows up in Arkansas to work at Cain's Chicken

Daily Dumbass, Beard gives lady Staph,

Is Ghost Love Cheating? A Candian Slow Speed Chase and More

More Dumbass's from Missouri and Pig On the Loose

A dose of the daily Dumbass's heard at 7:30am & 9:30am weekdays plus A Hole In One

Mayo in your Coffee? The guys give it a try on video... Plus what did that dog just puck up?????

Joyous Wolf in the Big Dog Studio

The End of the Dutch Oven

The perfect Halloween costume? Top 6 Human mysteries scientists need to solve, David Lee Roth predict his ending date 30 years ago? Check out the video

Skeletons getting it on for your front lawn, Kellogg's and Wendy's having a breakfast baby along with a don't watch video

Covid a real pain in the Butt with newest symptom, Dumbass #1 and f people in lederhosen dancing and drinking tons of beer to NWA

Shaq Stage Dives, Rick Astley covers the Foo Fighters and a Daily Dumbass

The Top 6 List, Bomb Threat for love and the big rescue

Get your Panookies Now, This is a no cuddle zone & Dog The Bounty Hunter is on the case

Space Force Uniforms or are they Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, Plus The Top 6 List

The Rolling Stones pay tribute to Charlie Watts, Instant Karma to Hoverboard guy, Elvira, Plus a Dumbass of the Day from the show.

Cereal to help you Poop, Corey Taylor & MGK Beef and Dumbass of the Day

Bus Driver Shortage leds to Stripper Bus for the Kids, Daily Dumbass's and More

Dumbass of the Day and the Top 6 List

Don't Shoot This Bear it's doing Charity Work.

Get ready to run for the border more, Shots Shots Shots Fireball KEGS & Triplets

2021 Survivor Stories presented by Freeman Health System

Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity

Choose Your Cruise

Raise the Roof

Zimmer Cares 2020

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