The Top 6 List, Bomb Threat for love and the big rescue

The Top 6 List, Bomb Threat for love and the big rescue

Published on 9-28-2021 by Chris "Purple" Hayes

Start you off with a good news story! A group of hikers exploring a cave in Indiana found a missing dog 30-feet down below and rescued him.

dog found in cave


There’s nothing more romantic than getting up early . . . making your significant other breakfast in bed and then doing this.

A woman in Maine was arrested last Thursday after calling in two bomb threats to her boyfriend’s workplace. She was tracked down and admitted that there weren’t any bombs . . . she just wanted to spend time with him.




Did you know today is Ask a Stupid Question Day?  .

Top 6 Really Stupid Questions.

Can you get diabetes from playing Candyland?

How do TV detectives always solve crime in an hour?

If there are sea monkeys, why aren’t there tree fish?

Is “ukulele” French for “tiny ass guitar”?

Is Aquaman friends with SpongeBob?

Does the Pillsbury Dough Boy call his STD a yeast infection?


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